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Thinking Bug is a design consultancy working across a range of disciplines spanning through experiential retail design, architecture, immersive events and digital innovations. Our co-creation process evaluates various touch points – physical and digital; which provides unique opportunities to our clients in uplifting their consumer’s emotions, engaging their senses and orchestrating the memories that really matter.

It all begins with a deep diving—in, to understanding the client’s business objectives, mapping competition and key industry trends to provide a solid framework for each project. We use expansive thinking to visualise concepts and design spaces that will allow your customers to experience and interact with your brand in the most suitable manner.

At Thinking Bug, we help organizations to communicate through design, informed by strategic insight and brought to life with outstanding creativity. Our multi-disciplinary team blends exceptional project management capability and cutting edge digital technology to create solutions that helps brands to communicate, engage and grow.


We understand the complex relationship between the brand, product, experience, and every little detail that shapes the interaction with your consumer. Our 360 degree service offerings enable us to create uncontested market space by forecasting future industry trends in retail design and empowering our client with sustained growth.

Retail Experience Design + Execution

Over the last few years, the retail landscape has changed drastically. Thanks to technology and evolving shopping attitudes, consumers today expect retail environments to do - much more than a mere display of products. Our mission is to create memorable spaces that translate your brand into a unique and engaging experience; driving your sales through the roof.

  • Retail strategy
  • Pop-up store
  • Fixture development
  • Branded environment

360 degree events

We design and execute full circle events. Our team works seamlessly with the client with the goal of creating high impact campaigns and memorable shows. Our portfolio includes corporate events, mall activations, product launches, large format tradeshows, seminars, and conferences.

  • Trade show
  • Corporate events
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Awareness campaign

Phygital interaction

Thinking Bug is an integrated supplier and solution provider for digital display screens. Our range of LED display products is robust, innovative, flexible and responsive as they offer unique application possiblities. We are dedicated to providing turnkey solutions to meet the demands of different market and usage conditions.

  • Digital facade
  • Kiosk design
  • Touch screen
  • Retail virtualisation


Since our inception in 2010, we have designed and delivered numerous projects that have tranformed some of the respected brands globally. We have have numerous case studies that demonstrate 'good design sells more' and our clients have seen uplift in sales and brand image after working with us. Thinking Bug's rich experience and ability to deliver has resulted in a highly creative portfolio, from which a selection of projects is shown below.

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Founding Director

Aditya Jha

Founding Partner

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